About us

Love & Carry® starts since 2010. This is when our daughter, Leah, was born and changed the entire world for our young and creative family. With the birth of this long-awaited little one, a new dream was also born – that of living life to the fullest, going on discovering this world, but doing so in complete harmony with the baby. And those were the exact sensations that slings gave us.


Having tried various kinds of carriers, we realized that we entirely liked none of them. The decision about trying to create a sling of our own was not a spontaneous one: we definitely knew that we could make them better – of better quality, more beautiful and cheaper.


Interestingly, the right people came along together with the idea. The Love & Carry team kept growing bringing together professionals from different spheres driven to create well-designed and comfortable carriers. Our goal was to manufacture baby carriers that one wants to carry the baby in because it is convenient, beautiful and so comfy. The employees of Love & Carry are moms, dads, uncles and even grandmothers themselves. So, there are no “other people's children” for us, and this is the reason we design our every new collection and product with love and care of our youngest clients.


Love & Carry® is our child into which an enormous amount of love, time, thoughts and ideas were invested by our team that currently has representatives in many countries: Ukraine (Head Office), Russia, Czech Republic, Neatherlands, Italy, Belarus and Kazakhstan.


Reviews Dasha, Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine

Thank you so much for the best soft structured baby carrier!!! I tried a lot of different carriers, but this one is the best for sure! It has very nice fabric, great design, and the most important – it is very convenient! Good luck for you

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