Baby Wraps

16.04.2015 Юлия,
23.02.2015 Dashpuntik, Минск
16.02.2015 Таня, Киев
My go to babywearing product. I'm so happy we bought it and I recommend it to every mama looking for a wrap. Wowen wrap is very comfortable, easy in use and not hot in summer.
16.02.2015 Таня, Киев
First time in Love & Carry stretchy wrap. Leo is 5 days old)
25.10.2014 Наталка, Київ
I also want to thank you! I started to carry in knitted wrap since my baby was 3 weeks old. Wrap is great, very soft and easy in use. It fits my baby perfectly. My baby loves to sleep in it. Great choice for active mom. I can go anywhere without a stroller.
25.02.2014 Рената, Бугульма
Many thanks for the baby wrap!)) Is gives me so much freedom! I thought that it is much more difficult to use it, but it is very easy))) And it is bright, soft and cool))) really like to carry my baby in wrap))) I can kiss her any time! Now I’m waiting our new order with Love&Carry buckled carrier:)
31.05.2013 Даша, Симферополь
Our Love&Carry Wrap!
Reviews Dasha, Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine

Thank you so much for the best soft structured baby carrier!!! I tried a lot of different carriers, but this one is the best for sure! It has very nice fabric, great design, and the most important – it is very convenient! Good luck for you

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