AIR Baby Carrier — Tropical forest

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  • Designed for carrying babies from 4-5 months (with minimum height of 65 cm) up to 3 years old (18 kg)
  • Provides for a physiologically correct (frog-like) position
  • Can be used in three carrying positions: front carry (facing in), back carry and hip carry
  • Breathable net backrest, hidden behind the carrier's large pocket
  • All straps are adjustable to fit a carrying person of any body type
  • Designed for wearing over summer as well as winter clothes
  • Allows easy placing and removing of the baby
  • Allows easy breastfeeding of baby in carrier
  • The detachable hood provides support to baby's head while it is sleeping
  • On the inside the carrier is covered with a soft lining of natural fabric
  • Made of high quality fabrics (100% cotton) manufactured in Ukraine; the net is 100% PE
  • Extra strong buckles with double protection guarantees the safety of your child
  • Machine wash with cold ware in the delicate mode
  • Love & Carry carrier complies with the European Safety Norm EN 13209-2
  • Love & Carry carrier is certified by the state sanitary-and-epidemiologic service of Ukraine
  • Color: beige
  • Made in Ukraine
  • Backrest width (at the bottom) - 38 cm
  • Backrest height (in center) - 37 cm
  • Maximum length of waist belt - 122 cm
  • Waist belt width (in central part) - 14 cm
  • Maximum length of shoulder straps -120 cm
  • Maximum length of chest straps - 37 cm
  • Ergo baby carrier weight - 920 g
  • Ergonomic soft-strucured baby carrier
  • Detachable hood (multi-colored) to support child's head while sleeping
  • A pair of back extenders (100% cotton)
  • Convenient water-resistant pouch for storage and transportation of the sling
  • Detailed instructions
  • Color box
Reviews Dasha, Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine

Thank you so much for the best soft structured baby carrier!!! I tried a lot of different carriers, but this one is the best for sure! It has very nice fabric, great design, and the most important – it is very convenient! Good luck for you

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