Up to now there have been discussions concerning the necessity of baby harness use in the period of the first steps. Arguments of both parties are weighty as some of kids pass quickly the period between the first uncertain short steps and full walking. But what should we do with those not confident babies who are looking for a support and often hold the parent's hand for some months wishing to keep the former feeling of safety?

Baby harness is a safe way of support!

The period of the first steps is considered to be rich for injuries. Trying to save the kid from falling, parents often hold their baby for a hood or a scarf. However, such insurance can be not only not effective, but also dangerous. Love & Carry ® baby harness supports softly the baby from buttocks to armpits without bringing discomfort. Thanks to the well thought-over design, the period of the first steps will pass smoothly and your baby's clothes will remain clean and dry even in bad weather.


Love & Carry ® products can be used during the period from 8 up to 18 months (since the moment when baby starts to step with a whole foot). Thanks to a rigid handle holder and adjustable straps, Love & Carry ® baby harness can fit a parent of any height. It can be also regulated according to the width of the shorts of the baby harness thanks to what it will be suitable for both a small and a larger baby.

Comfortable for a baby

All elements of the harness that contact with the baby are soft. It relieves the kid of itch and discomfort when using with the light clothes at home or in hot weather outside. The use with winter clothes will be also comfortable as the shorts of the baby harness can be easily regulated in width. Love & Carry ® baby harnesses help kids to get the sense of confidence and balance, thus feeling the protection and support of their parents.

Convenient for parents

These Love & Carry ® products will become the valuable assistant for the parents who have back pains as they will not have to bend down any more when walking with the baby. The long straps and a handle holder will help to fix the baby harness at the necessary distance taking into account the height of the parent and the baby.

Safety standards

Love & Carry ® baby harnesses comply completely with international safety standard EN 13210:2004. The materials used for production have no harmful substances that is confirmed by results of the state sanitary-and-epidemiologic service.



Love & Carry ® baby harness is intended for a baby safety during the walking. Shorts of the harness should not fit very tightly. The position when the baby hangs in the shorts of the harness and the whole weight is located on its perineum and the lower department of backbone (as in kangaroo, jumpers or walkers) is not allowed.

You can always take advantage provided by our products and buy a baby harness. Price, high quality, safety and well thought-out design of each detail will make your purchase a very favorable and correct decision.

Reviews Dasha, Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine

Thank you so much for the best soft structured baby carrier!!! I tried a lot of different carriers, but this one is the best for sure! It has very nice fabric, great design, and the most important – it is very convenient! Good luck for you

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