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Why Love & Carry® Baby Carriers?

Sling is a necessity for baby. Often baby carrier not only complements the stroller, but also completely replaces it. While providing parents with freedom and mobility, baby carrier allows children to discover the world with their parents, at the same time being surrounded with the feeling of love and comfort. In this section you can choose and buy Love & Carry® baby carriers from new collection, offered in 6 unique designs. Baby carrier is simple to use and it is very handy for both parents and baby, physiologically healthy and natural. Online shop Love & Carry offers rich diversity of high quality slings at affordable prices.


— Because of convinience

Open legs position which baby is taking while being in Love & Carry® soft structured carrier contributes to healthy development of baby's pelvis joints. In this carrier baby actually is not sitting, since no load falls on his lower back. Instead, the load is evenly distributed between the two knees of the baby.  If baby is regularly carried in soft structured carriers, its legs take open leg position for continuous time; it helps to prevent infant hip dysplasia or even provides therapeutic effect for infant hip dysplasia on its initial stages. Baby's spine is gently supported with the carrier's main body. This helps to minimize the load on baby’s perineum and lower back.

To carry a child in Love & Carry® baby carriers is much easier than carrying in arms. The load is evenly distributed on the parent's back and shoulders, while the tight fitting of the sling creates a sensation of being a single whole with the baby. Love & Carry® baby carrier is ideal for babies older than 4 months and can be used up to the age of 3 year old (weight up to 20 kg).

— Because of safety

Shoulder straps and waist belt of Love & Carry baby carrier have buckles with double protection system, safeguarding against accidental unfastening. Each strap ends with a protective rubber loop that will not allow the buckle to unfasten completely itself. All materials used in manufacturing of the carrier contain no harmful substances that is certified by the state sanitary - epidemiologic institution.


— Because of Natural

Carriers and hoods of all Love & Carry soft structured carriers are made of only domestic Ukrainian fabrics, certified according to ISO 9001 and meeting the international quality standards. Opting for only 100% cotton fabrics, we take care of babies' delicate skin prone to irritations and allergies.

— Because of smart design

Even on a hottest summer day, baby will feel comfortable in a Love & Carry carrier because of the breathable mesh (100% PE) which is hidden behind the big zipped pocket on the main body of the carrier. The mesh allows free airflow and prevents baby from sweating.  


The sophisticated design of the carrier's main body with soft parts in the areas of baby's knees gently supports the legs and prevents their constriction. The detachable and conveniently adjustable hood supports baby's head while sleeping, as well as helps to hide baby from prying eyes during breastfeeding. 

Forward facing position


Very often 3-5 month olds prefer being carried in forward facing position. This is the most common reason why parents don’t choose baby slings or carriers. There are several reasons why it is better to avoid carrying your baby in this position:


1. Baby's spine receives no support since your body does not adjust to curves of your baby's spine, and the load on child’s perineum and lower back increases.

2. Baby's hips are drawn apart under a different angle: when carried in “face-to-parent” position baby "hugs" the adult with legs that forms a physiologically healthy position.

3. Baby's head also receives no support that results in load being distributed on the cervical part of the fragile spine.

4. Facing an unrestricted amount of useless information when in forward facing position, baby becomes overtired. Its adaptation and psychological development slows down. Facing the parent in front carry position the baby can still enjoy a vast field of vision and study the world by turning its head around. At the same time, baby can see its parent any time, can smell him, feel his heartbeat and enjoy the feeling of being loved and protected.



Reviews Dasha, Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine

Thank you so much for the best soft structured baby carrier!!! I tried a lot of different carriers, but this one is the best for sure! It has very nice fabric, great design, and the most important – it is very convenient! Good luck for you

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